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Multi-Deck Weighbridge


The multideck weighbridge is designed in distinct sections, where each section operates as a separate weighbridge.

The purpose of the multideck weighbridge is to determine the weight of a truck axle by axle. It is designed to take 60 tonnes and comes in steel only.


Designed to take 60 tons.
The indicator is from Rice Lake Weighing Systems of the USA.
Indicator shows the weights of each individual axle as well as the total weight.
The bridge comes only in a steel version.
Approved for Trade and in terms of the Traffic regulations. This makes the readings from this scale permissible evidence in the case of any disputes with the traffic authorities or with customers and suppliers.



The instrumentation allows the operator to view the four deck weights at one time. By pressing a button on the indicator the operator will be able to also see the total weight of the truck. This information is relayed to our “Titan” vehicle management software, where a print out of the actual mass against the legislated mass will be printed. If the axles are overloaded the operator will be notified.
The weighbridge decks are manufactured from 8 pieces of 6mm U-Shaped beams with 10mm thick reinforced plates inside the U-Shaped beams for additional strength. The deck plate is then welded to the U-beam to complete a modular section offering exceptional strength and durability. NO DECK BOLTS.
The weighbridge deck consists of four (4) separate scales, with a capacity of 30tons per scale.
The platform/deck configuration will be: 1 x 4.430m, 1 x 7m, 1 x 7m and 1 x 7m.
Height of each deck – 370mm from the load cell base plate to the top of the weighbridge deck.
The deck plate shall be manufactured from 10mm checker plate (vastrap).
All cables run through conduit to the point of load cell/junction boxes.
Each deck is joined together by Weigh-Bar Sections using high tensile steel-machined bolts. These are at 90° to the modules. The Weigh-Bars have 20mm stiffening plates inside to give optimal strength.
Removable section covers over the weigh-bars allow convenient access to the load cells for maintenance and service.

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