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Axle Weight Legislation

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We Weigh Up The Amendment To The Road Traffic Act And What It Could Cost Your Business

The amendments to the Act came into effect on 1 May 2015.

Is Your company aware of the changes and taking new measures?

At Clover Scales, we advise you of the impact on your business and offer the most cost-effective solution.

The most significant change relates to the requirement of axle loading in conjunction with total weight, together with full records in this respect.

What You Need To Know About Ammendment 22 To The National Road Traffic Act:

Gazette No 38142, Regulations 330A-330D

Regulation 330A

A consignor or consignee of goods shall not offer or accept goods if the vehicle is not loaded in terms of the provisions for the loading and transportation of goods as described in the act.
Consignors will require from the operator of the vehicle a written submission as to the payload as well as the distribution of the load on the vehicle.
If a consignor is responsible for the loading of the vehicle of an operator, necessary steps are to be taken to ensure the vehicle is loaded as contemplated in sub regulation 1 and 2 (above).
A consignor or consignee shall not conclude a contract with the operator to transport goods if the vehicle is overloaded.

This means that the consignor needs to have a method of determining mass per axle to prevent overload

Regulation 330B

A consignor shall use a method of establishing the mass of a vehicle or axles are not overloaded in terms of Part IV of Chapter VI.
A consignor shall keep a record of the mass of every load transported from his or her premises as contemplated in sub regulation 1.
The record as mentioned above must be available to any traffic officer or appointed person as per section 50 or authorised as per section 82 of the act.

What It Means For You

Non-compliance will not only cost your business money in terms of fines, but also loss of productivity due to supply chain interruptions.

Talk to Clover Scales for the most innovative and cost effective solution to ensure you comply with this act easily.

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