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Clover Scales is a leading industrial scale company in South Africa with specialised solutions and services for industrial weigh systems.

We believe in providing the best scales and weighing equipment at reasonable prices. As such, Clover scales specialises in laboratory and industrial weighing scales, industrial platform scales, worktop bench scales, and hanging crane scales for heavy-duty applications. We also carry specialised commercial equipment like money counters for accurate currency counting.

Bench scales

A bench scale is an industrial weighing scale that is small enough to fit on a worktop. These scales are extremely versatile and commonly used in warehouse environments to weigh small parts and tools.

Butchery scales

Butchery scales ensure the meat is accurately weighed while adhering to health and safety regulations.

Counting scales

Counting scales are commercial weighing scales that can count and weigh at the same time for precise stock taking and inventory control.

Crane scales

For dependable industrial weighing, use heavy-duty crane scales with greater weighing capacities than hanging scale models, making them better suited for heavy industrial weighing in warehouses, factories, and dockyards.

Explosion-proof scales

These explosion proof scales are used in hazardous areas, and their energy level is too low to cause a spark and possibly ignite.

Hanging scales

Hanging scales are light industrial weighing devices with smaller weighing capacities than other types of suspension scales. They are commonly used in agriculture and farming to weigh small to medium-sized items like grain sacks, produce bags, and animal feed bags.

Industrial floor platform scales

These industrial floor platform scales are often used in materials handling, shipping and receiving and manufacturing. In addition, platform floor scales are useful for weighing large industrial objects like crates and boxes.

Laboratory balances

Precision balances, analytical balances, and moisture analysers are all types of laboratory balances used for different lab applications.

Load cells

A load cell is a device in almost all electronic weighing scales. They are widely used due to the precision with which they can measure weight.

Medical/health scales

Our health and medical scales are designed for accessibility and ease of use in the hospital or at home.

Money counting scales

Money counters and cash handling equipment are suitable for finance departments, travel exchanges, and amusement park arcades. For example, note counting scales can quickly identify counterfeit notes and perform accurate total counts. In contrast, coin-counting or token sorters can streamline manual counting processes and easily count bags of coins or tokens for arcade slot machines.

Poultry scales

Our user-friendly poultry scales have well-thought-out functions and are suitable for small farmers to globally recognised poultry companies.


Clover Scales can supply thermal printers and printing paper for accurately recording weighing results from scales and balances.

Process automation

Find the suitable process automation model for your application for transforming any measurement task into a fully automated weighing process.

Scale indicators and displays

Our scale indicators & displays can be used in conjunction with various Clover Scales products to enhance functionality. These displays often have features such as LED check weighing lights, dynamic animal weighing features, and specific counting operations. In addition, indicator keypads are visibly clear and easy to clean.


Clover Scales’ range of software includes lab balance and weighbridge software to give you the cutting edge.

Tabletop scales

Tabletop scales are ideal for commercial weighing with features like check weighing, parts counting, and portion weighing. Choose from various tough and simple-to-use tabletop scales that offer a wide range of features, exceptional performance, and great value for money. Clover Scales’ tabletop scales can be used to weigh anything from fruits, grains, and vegetables to mechanised engineering parts.

Test weights

We offer various classes of stainless steel test weights for accurate weighing scale calibration. They are ideal for calibrating commercial weighing scales like bench scales, compact balances, and check weighers and provide the highest accuracy for analytical balances and precision balance models.

Washdown scales

Clover Scales offers a variety of washdown scales for processing, manufacturing, and production plants. Washdown scales have sturdy stainless steel weighing pans, and the sealed casing prevents water damage to the scale’s internal components, allowing for thorough cleaning with confidence.

Contact Clover Scales for details If you would like to know more about our offers on our various scales, please contact a representative from Clover Scales today.

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