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Clover Scales is one of the leading scale companies in Southern Africa, with two SANAS trade accreditations and clients who work to ISO standards. So whatever your industrial weighing scale needs, we can supply everything from laboratory balances to a 100-tonne weighbridge and issue SANAS certificates in-house.

SANAS – The South African National Accreditation System is recognised by the South African government as the national accreditation body giving formal recognition that laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies, proficiency testing scheme providers and good laboratory practice (GLP) test facilities are competent to carry out specific tasks. SANAS accreditation formally recognises that an organisation is competent to perform specific tasks and issue such certificates.

Calibration laboratory

Clover Scales is proud to be certified by SANAS. Facility accreditation number: 1457

Verification laboratory

SANAS is responsible for the certification and validity for verification of mass measuring instruments in terms of the Legal Metrology Act.


SANAS Certificate Of Accreditation And Scope

Certificate of Accreditation with Scope – LM-P-045-09-19 LTR0045

NRCS Certificate of Designation- Repair Body 2023.03.31

Calibration Verification and Service 2023-04-13

Certificate of Accreditation with Scope-LM-P-045-09-19LTF0079

NRCS Certificate of Designation- Verification Body 2023.03.31

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If you want to know more about SANAS accreditation and our industrial weighing scales, please contact a representative from Clover Scales today.

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