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Clover Scales is a leading industrial scale company in South Africa with a range of specialized solutions and services for industrial weigh systems and weighbridges.

Aside from our extensive selection of specialized solutions we also offer a range of professional services that are geared towards ensuring that your facility gets the best possible use, reliability, and value out of its industrial weighing scale.

Included in these offers are a range of scale repair services, maintenance services, and refurbishments, all delivered with absolute professionalism, and at competitive prices.

Find out more about our range of scale repair services below:

Services and Supports

With two SANAS accreditations, for trade purposes and for clients working to ISO standards, Clover Scales is rated amongst the elite of the scale companies operating in Southern Africa.

We can supply certification up to 100 tons, and issue “verification” certificates, done either in-house or on-site for your convenience.

Service Contracts

We offer preventative maintenance contracts on all types of Weighbridges, with contract visits ranging from 1 visit per annum to 12 visits per annum.

We’re always happy to tailor a preventative maintenance contract to your needs. Certificates will be issued after each visit, allowing us to take the responsibility for your weighing needs.

A general feedback report will be issued on the general condition of the equipment being serviced on completion of visits.

Test Truck and Weights

Clover Scales owns their own test truck with 60 tons of available weight. There is an onboard crane with full rigging, allowing fast and efficient testing.

Repairs, Refurbishments, and Upgrades

We can also handle on-site effective repairs, refurbishments, and upgrades from old technology to all makes of weighbridges.


If you would like to know more about our offers on scale repair services, be sure to get in contact with a representative from Clover Scales today.

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