Operating a fully fledged service branch in Johannesburg, allows Clover Scales to help you wherever you’re based.  Our experienced and well trained technical staff are ready to assist you whenever the need arises.

Clover Scales is one of the foremost scale companies operating in Southern Africa, with two SANAS accreditations for trade purposes and for clients working to ISO standards.  Whatever your requirements, we can supply weighing equipment from laboratory balances up to a 100 tonne weighbridges, and issue SANAS certificates for that equipment in-house.

All work involved in issuing certificates is always at the highest level of integrity, and standards are maintained by regular and rigorous in house training required to maintain our accreditations.

We strive to always provide our customers with excellent service in line with our core values, so with Clover Scales, you can rest assured that we can supply a comprehensive full service weighing solution.