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Clover Scales is a leading industrial weighing scale supplier in South Africa with specialised solutions and services for industrial weighing systems.

We believe in providing the best scales and weighing equipment at reasonable prices. Clover Scales specialises in laboratory and industrial weighing scales, industrial platform scales, worktop bench scales, and hanging crane scales for heavy-duty applications. We also carry specialised commercial equipment like money counters for accurate currency counting.

Operating a fully-fledged service branch in Johannesburg, Clover Scales offers weighbridge and scale services nationwide. Our experienced and well-trained technical staff are ready to assist you whenever the need for our weighbridge and scale services arises.

Clover Scales is one of the foremost scale companies operating in Southern Africa, with two SANAS accreditations for trade purposes and clients working to ISO standards. Whatever your weighing scale requirements, we can supply weighing equipment from laboratory balances up to a 100-tonne weighbridge and issue SANAS certificates for that equipment in-house.

All work involved in issuing certificates is always at the highest level of integrity, and standards are maintained by regular and rigorous in-house training required to retain our accreditations.

We strive to always provide our customers with excellent service in line with our core values, so with Clover Scales, you can rest assured that we can supply a comprehensive full weighbridge and scale service solution.



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Service Contracts

Having SANAS accreditations for calibration and verification allow us to calibrate, verify, repair, and maintain your scales on site. In addition, we offer preventative maintenance contracts on all scales, with contracts ranging from one to 12 visits per annum and can be customised to your needs. After each visit, Clover Scales will issue certificates and take responsibility for your weighing needs. Furthermore, we will issue a general feedback report on the scales that need repair or replacement. Our weighbridge and scale service customers always come first and have preferential response time for call outs.

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Clover Scales offers on-site verifications for existing scales of any capacity. In addition, we also provide verifications on new scales supplied at the time of order. Current legislation requires scales to be verified at least every two years. However, verification weighbridge and scale services can be done more frequently..

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On Site Calibration

We provide on-site calibrations for balances and scales of any make. Industry-standard indicates that your balances and scales should be calibrated at least once per year. A relevant SANAS calibration

certificate will be issued on completion of each weighbridge and scale service visit and is traceable to the national standards.

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Scale Repairs

We undertake cost-effective repairs to all makes of scales in our fully equipped branch or on-site with qualified technicians.

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Calibration of Weights

We calibrate, clean, and adjust weights as part of our weighbridge and scale services. A relevant SANAS calibration certificate will be issued on completion of each weighbridge and scale service visit and is traceable to the national standards.

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One of our weighbridge and scale services is refurbishing existing scales from mechanical to electronic or updating old technology to something current.

Tank Load Cell/Hopper Scales

As a weighing scale supplier, we offer these scales to weigh a continuous product flow in harsh environments like processing plants.

Regardless of the environment, hopper scales using load cells do not trade off weighing accuracy and ensure the scale’s durability and longevity. Hopper scale systems are generally used to process solid materials like powders or granules and are often suspended from superstructures.

A tank load cell is larger and features in a tank that is usually a closed container used to store or process liquids, gases, or free-flowing solids. The tank can range in size from residential fuel tanks to large industrial ones, horizontal or vertical, and symmetrical or non-symmetrical.

Hopper scale and tank weighing can be very accurate, depending on the design and regular calibration. If you need help selecting the best type of load and implementing a scale design, our team of weighing scale suppliers can assist you.

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