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Off Road Weighbridge (Mining & Quarrying)

OFF ROAD WEIGHBRIDGE (Mining & Quarrying)

The Off-Road weighbridge is a high structural strength design intended to withstand the very high concentrated axle loads of articulated vehicles used in off-road applications, where the loads can range from 50t to 200t.

The steel deck is constructed from U shaped beams resulting in strength at critical stress points, giving a ridged weighbridge.

The weighbridge platform is a modular design suitable for easy transportation, assembly and installation. Removal and re-installation is also possible.

The flexibility of the design allows for customization and can be adjusted to your special needs. A typical scenario is to obtain the off-road vehicle details, analyse the length and width of the vehicle and access the axle loading. From this information one then determines what design would be best suited for the application. The design pictured here was for a CAT 740 and CAT 777 vehicle.

The weighbridge deck consists of four (4) modules. The maximum axle load will be 135tons.

One bridge consists of 2 separate scales, with a platform size for each scale of 8m x 3m. Each scale includes four (4) bridge modules and three (3) weigh-bars. Height of the Deck – 385mm from the load cell base plate to the top of the weighbridge deck. The deck plate is manufactured from smooth 14mm plate. All cables run through conduit to the point of load cell/junction boxes. Each deck is joined together by Weigh-Bars. Side rails will be planted into the ground next to the bridge.

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