Weighbridge accessories/options are available on all types of weighbridges that we supply and will enhance any installation.

Traffic lights


Steel Ramps

Made to suit the system these ramps are both robust and easy to install. Suitable for applications where a portable weighbridge is required to making moving to a new site a quick and easy task.

Traffic Lights

A simple RED and GREEN traffic light at both ends of the weighbridge signalling when the driver can come on or leave the weighbridge. Traffic lights can be automatically controlled from our weighbridge software for ease of traffic management. Often used in conjunction with Booms and Tag systems where an unmanned weighbridge is required.


Cameras can be strategically placed to capture images of truck type, truck product and registration number. The captured JPEG image is stored against the weighbridge transaction number within the database and easily retrievable if a dispute arises. Up to four images can be captured against each transaction.


Positioned before and after the weighbridge to restrict the driver from entering the weighbridge. Often used in conjunction with a card reader or set of Traffic lights so that after a particular routine the driver will then be allowed onto the weighbridge. Sensors and loops can also be installed to manage the action of the booms.

Tag System

An RFID TAG reading system is the ultimate in automatic operation. The TAG being installed in a vehicle truck and read at a distance of approximately 10m meters from the weighbridge, ultimately speeding up the operation. The TAG can be pre-programmed with usable information (truck registration number, customer details, etc.) prior to the arrival arrival of the truck.

Unmanned Weighbridge – Kiosk

A combination of aspects of the above including a Kiosk where the digital indicator and printer will be housed. The software transactions will be remotely logged wirelessly or via fibre optic cable.