Clover Scales manufactures weighbridges to the highest standards. We understand that weighbridges are an integral part of business, and that reliability is vital.

Clover Scales maintains the highest quality and specifications to suit your particular application with an ongoing program ensuring innovative design.

Our weighbridges are built using a solid state deck with only one plate and no bolts. This makes maintenance easier and less frequent. The modular design of our steel deck weighbridges makes them easy to transport, install, and if necessary relocate to a new site.

The heart of the weighbridge system is the vehicle management software, which is easy and user friendly with an abundance of reports but more importantly is free of annual licence fees.

Our Weighbridges


Ultimate – Steel Deck

Applications where steel is preferred, high volumes required and downtime critical. This is the ultimate in design, superior structure and enhanced features. Digital load cells and a digital indicator make the ‘Ultimate” weighbridge a market leader in self diagnostics and ease of service reporting. Read More.


Xtreme – Steel Deck

The “Xtreme” contains all the benefits of an above ground application – durability, longevity and consistency, all with the added feature of portability. Read More.


Titan – Concrete Deck

Combines the strength and lightweight of steel with the durability of concrete. Well suited for resisting corrosion and rust and generally requires less maintenance than a steel deck, helping to extend the life of the weighbridge. A concrete surface also yields better traction in the wet. The steel creates a form work for the concrete allowing non-specialist site work.
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Multi Deck – Steel or Concrete

The multi deck weighbridge is designed in distinct sections, where each section operates as a separate weighbridge. The aim of the bridge is to determine the weight of a truck axle by axle as well as a total truck weight.
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Off road

Off-Road – Mine Vehicles

This a special design criteria, unique engineering makes this off road (ATD) weighbridge ideal for the mining and quarry sector of the market.
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Portable – Steel

If you require a portable application for a non permanent position, then this weighbridge is for you. Steel ramps complete this rugged design.
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Group Axle Weigher

The “Road Traffic Act” amendment 22 no longer needs to be a concern for you as this economical, adaptable, and portable solution for vehicles and trucks is now available.
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