Titan Truck Management Software

*No annual license fee

Titan vehicle management software has been specifically developed for the business that needs a reliable, powerful, user friendly software system which has been developed in South Africa for our conditions.


  • Secure SQL database (Firebird).
  • Password protected with multi level security features.
  • 6 database fields: Vehicle Registration, Customer, Destination, Transporter, Product, and Plant.
  • Enter fields for Order no, Delivery note no, Container no, Driver ID, Seal no, Shipment no, Reference and Notes, or customized to your requirements.
  • Enter Tare and trailer mass.
  • Full reporting exportable via email or as a printed report.
  • Customised look and feel report writer.
  • Scheduled reporting facility on a specific dates and times (via email, export or print).
  • Weighbridge ticket can be customized for each application.
  • Print to either, laser printer, dot matrix form printer or thermal slip printer.
  • Imaging capturing when cameras are connected.
  • Weigh comparison with printed weighbridge ticket from supplier.
  • Public weigh facility.
  • 24 hour telephonic or “Team Viewer” support.
  • Client server application – two weighbridges with one common database.
  • Multi axle weighing feature with warning for overloaded axles.
  • Camera, Traffic Light and Boom integration.

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Why choose us?

Our weighbridge has a solid state weighbridge deck with no deck plate bolts, creating a maintenance free environment.

We offer honest, reliable sales advice prior to the purchase of your weighbridge.

Our weighbridge is unique in that it is a modular design, therefore easy to transport, install and if necessary, re-locate to a new position, hassle free.

Our vehicle management software is user friendly, with an abundance of reports. More importantly, it’s free of annual licence fees.

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