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Washdown Scales

Clover Scales is a leading industrial scale company in South Africa with specialised solutions and services for industrial weigh systems.

We believe in providing the best scales and weighing equipment at reasonable prices. As such, Clover Scales specialises in washdown scales. These scales are resistant to water and other potentially harmful substances. For example, if you use your scale in a food and beverage manufacturing facility where hygiene is critical, you’ll need a washdown scale to combat any potential spills that may occur during everyday use and allow you to wash it down between uses.

Other industries that frequently use washdown scales include:

· Medical services

· Construction in the manufacturing industry

· Food and beverage retail

You might be tempted to believe that washdown scales are waterproof by nature. However, they provide varying degrees of water resistance and protection from the damaging effects of dust and other airborne particles. Paying attention to the Ingress Protection (IP) rating to ensure the scale has the necessary capabilities for the environment in which it will be installed is critical. IP ratings indicate the scale’s resistance to elements such as water and dust and the type of cleaning it can withstand. Some washdown scales can withstand moisture and spills of various materials, while others can be safely washed with a pressure hose.

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