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Poultry Scales

Clover Scales is a leading industrial scale company in South Africa with specialised solutions and services for industrial weigh systems.

We believe in providing the best scales and weighing equipment at reasonable prices. As such, Clover scales specialises in poultry scales, among other weighing solutions.

Our poultry scales are precision weighing systems for all types of poultry. Bird weight monitoring is a crucial tool in modern poultry management. The precise determination of bird weights is a critical factor for economic success, particularly in poultry farming.

As such, any farmer who raises broiler breeders, pullets, or layers must closely monitor the weight development of their birds with poultry scales. Weights that are too high or too low always have a negative impact on production results and could indicate that the farmer is not fully utilising the birds’ genetic potential, which has a negative effect on the farm’s profits.

Clover Scales offer the Bat2 Lite scale, where birds are weighed on a hanging plate attached to the scale’s hook. This poultry scale can archive the last 55 days of weighing and offers a large graphic display. Alternatively, farmers may prefer the Veit Bat1 statistical weigher. This is a portable poultry scale that features a wide range of hooking systems. In addition, it offers instant statistical calculations for the average weight, sample count, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and uniformity. All this data can be transferred to a computer and archived or processed further.

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