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Load Cells

Clover Scales is a leading industrial scale company in South Africa with specialised solutions and services for industrial weigh systems.

We believe in providing the best scales and weighing equipment at reasonable prices. As such, Clover Scales specialises in load cells, among other weighing solutions.

Clover Scales’ range of load cells ensures high precision weighing. We stock various premium-quality load cells for weighing scales. Our industrial-grade shear beam load cells are made of nickel-plated alloy steel and are commonly found in truck, hopper, and medical scales. These load cells are designed to withstand rigorous loads.

Different types of load cells include:

· Single-point load cells: A load cell is located beneath a platform loaded from above with a weight.

· Bending-beam load cells: Several load cells are positioned beneath a steel structure and are loaded from above.

· Compressive-force load cells: Several high-capacity load cells are placed beneath a steel structure loaded from above.

· Tensile load cells: One or more load cells are used to suspend a weight.

Many load cells have unique characteristics like a specific design or material properties. For example, some load cells can easily withstand high stress levels, while others cannot. In addition, load cells can be classified according to the type of signal transmission. For example, digital load cells use built-in electronics, while analogue load cells require a measuring amplifier.

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