Portable Above Ground Weighbridge

Truck weighing is often an integral component of a company’s bottom line profit. An accurate, reliable system is required to ensure the business is efficient and profitable.

This weighbridge is designed in a way that it has a modular structure. Each module is 6m long.  The modules are joined together by a weigh-bar section which extends to lengths of 12m, 18m or 24m.

Two sets of portable ramps are installed at each end of the weighbridge. The ramps are 4m in length.

Spreader plates are placed at the position of the load cells to dissipate the truck load.

This is a temporary solution where the idea is to move the weighbridge at a future date.


Why choose us?

Our weighbridge has a solid state weighbridge deck with no deck plate bolts, creating a maintenance free environment.

We offer honest, reliable sales advice prior to the purchase of your weighbridge.

Our weighbridge is unique in that it is a modular design, therefore easy to transport, install and if necessary, re-locate to a new position, hassle free.

Our vehicle management software is user friendly, with an abundance of reports. More importantly, it’s free of annual licence fees.