Hanging Scales

Electronic Hanging Scale

Model OS-10 OS-25 OS-45
Capacity 10kg 25kg 45kg
Divisions 10g 20g 50g
Scale Type Hanging Hanging Hanging
  • The handiest scale to have at any site
  • Hold function
  • Units Of Measure kg/lb/lb-oz
  • LCD display
  • Adjustable automatic shutoff
  • Ergonomically designed housing for ease of holding in your hand
  • Battery operated, (2) AA batteries included
  • Carrying case and top s-hook included
  • Power/Zero – Units – Hold buttons

Pulp Density Scale

Model PD
Capacity 3kg
Divisions 1g
Scale Type Top Loop
Bottom Hook
  • Weight of samples in kilograms
  • Specific gravity or liquid or pulp
  • Specific gravity of dry solids
  • % solids in a pulp of a given specific gravity
  • Robust die cast aluminum alloy housing
  • Removable dial cover keeping dial clean
  • Clear colour marking on white chart
  • Positive movement on weigh mechanism giving maximum sensitivity
  • Expanded zero adjustment to allow all types of flasks
  • Top loop, bottom removable hook
  • Different “Chart Options”
  • Choose a different flask for your environment

Pulp Density Flasks

Capacity Acrylic stainless
polyurethane /
Divisions Cylindrical Conical cylindrical /
  • All flasks to be fitted to the PD Pulp Density Scale
  • Capacity of flask with water – 1 litre

Super Samson

Model SS1 / SS2
Capacity 1kg / 2kg
Divisions 5g / 10g
  • The balance to suit your every need
  • Tough, reliable, lightweight
  • Easy to read
  • Rugged nylon sealed housing
  • Scale protected from accidental damage when not in use
  • Guided movement
  • Overload protection

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