About Clover Scales

Having two SANAS accreditations for different types of calibration certificates, both for trade purposes and for clients working to ISO standards, puts Clover Scales amongst the elite of the scale companies operating in Southern Africa. We are in a position to supply weighing equipment from laboratory balances to weighbridges. SANAS certificates can also be issued for either verification or calibration. These can be done either externally or in house for your convenience.

A level 2 BEE company, we draw on a large pool of experience and talent, with many of our employees and directors having been with the company in excess of 20 years, and many more in the industry for more than 30 years. This in itself says volumes about company management, its policies, and its attitude to the main people in our lives, you, the customer.

Our two SANAS accreditations mean that the work done to issue calibration certificates is always at the highest level of integrity and standards are maintained by regular and rigorous in house training.

Clover Scales strives to assist management in collating information from the shop floor and into the manager’s office to free up management for other functions. We want to take your weighing problems off your list of jobs to do.

Service is an ethos at Clover Scale as we believe that good service rightfully brings its own reward.

Why choose us?

Our weighbridge has a solid state weighbridge deck with no deck plate bolts, creating a maintenance free environment.

We offer honest, reliable sales advice prior to the purchase of your weighbridge.

Our weighbridge is unique in that it is a modular design, therefore easy to transport, install and if necessary, re-locate to a new position, hassle free.

Our vehicle management software is user friendly, with an abundance of reports. More importantly, it’s free of annual licence fees.